Can Cannabis Consumer Donate Blood?

Have you ever gone to a blood donation centre and get turned down? Most people have had a share of cold shoulders in the blood donation centres. This is due to some concepts and rules set in place to ensure the safety and good health of both the patient and the donor. I know most cannabis consumers always ask this question. Can cannabis consumers donate blood? The answer is technically yes.

Caveats and misconceptions 

Most cannabis consumers are always asking the question of whether they are allowed to donate blood. There are a lot of misconceptions around whether this is true or not. If you are a cannabis consumer and you want to find out if this is true or not. Always talk to your doctor and get the correct answer.

Additionally, most of this information can be found on the NHS and Transfusion Guidelines websites and donating services across the country. For further questions or more information in general, you can always consult with the NHS directly.

The simple rule that you need to follow when donating blood is the same one that applies to alcohol consumers. You should never go to a donating centre when intoxicated. The reason behind this is that you can get hypotension. Not to mention it would appear disrespectful to the people offering the service. 

Eligibilities and actual disqualifications 

Blood donation is a critical thing in your life. The eligibility test is put in place to ensure that you are safe and healthy. The blood you donate is used to save lives, and for this reason, you as the donor has to be protected. Therefore, rules are set in place to ensure that you are qualified as a blood donor. These rules are to be followed by both cannabis consumers and non-consumers. 

• Be 17 years and above 

This rule is set in place to ensure that you are of the right age and able to make sane decisions. Also, these rules ensure that you as the blood donor is aware of what you are doing and no one has forced you. 

• Weigh over 100 pounds 

This is to ensure that you are not underweight when donating blood. When you are of the correct weight, this will guarantee you that you will not get complications after blood donation. 

• If you are pregnant 

Pregnant ladies are not allowed to donate blood as this can endanger their unborn babies. Safety is always required to protect the pregnant mum and the unborn child. 

• You’ve had a tattoo in an unregulated facility within the past year 

If you have had a tattoo done in an unregulated place for the past year, this will, unfortunately, make you illegible for a blood donation. This is because you might have had a tattoo with recycled ink and unsterilized needles. 

• If you have hepatitis 

This is because hepatitis causes high blood pressure which can cause serious health issues if you donate blood. 

• If you have travelled to the malaria-prone country in the past one year 

If you have travelled in a country prone to malaria-like Papua New Guinea or sub-Saharan Africa. Then it is most likely you will not be allowed to donate blood until 12 months are over. 


Hypotension is caused when you lose focus, balance, and can even faint due to the use of extreme marijuana. Most cannabis consumers are familiar with this concept, and it is called a white-out. These effects are not all that dangerous unless you have combined them with blood donation. Now this combination can cause you to feel weak.

Blood donation is also likely to give you the same feeling. The feeling of getting weak and losing your balance is called orthostatic hypotension. This pertains the drop of blood nutrients your body has. Additionally, this causes you to lie down for a longer period than usual. Hence, a combination of smoking weed and blood donation can cause you some serious health issues. For this reason, it is advisable that when you go to donate blood to ensure that you are not high and intoxicated with marijuana.

Aftermath of Donation 

After blood donation, you might end up feeling weak, dizzy and you might even faint. You are required to take a lot of water, consume some sugar, sit and relax for a while. This is to allow your body to adjust to the sudden change in blood level and blood nutrients. If you are an athletic person, you are not supposed to go training that same day. You need to take a break from exercising and rest up as a lot of exercises could lead to injury. 

For a cannabis consumer, you need to consider the fact that the blood donations centres do not measure the THC level before the process. If you are a regular cannabis consumer, there are high chances that your liver’s enzymes may take longer to metabolize the THC. Metabolizing of the THC which is psychoactive into the non-psychoactive 11-nor9-Carboxy-THC can take a few hours when you are high.

Cannabis consumers tend to have lower blood pressure as compared to non-consumers. This is because cannabis reduces blood pressure and that’s why it is used for the treatment of glaucoma. For this reason, if you donate blood when high, you may feel light headed. In extreme cases, you may end up having a seizure.


For most of the cannabis consumer, it has always been a debate on whether you can donate blood or not. Did you know that one donation can save almost three lives? If that does not make you feel like a superhero, then I don’t know what will. Donate blood today and save a life.

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