How to clean a bong?

A clean glass bong means an excellent smoking experience. Regularly cleaning your bong allows you to enjoy a pure taste each time you use it. Resins and dirty bong water can interfere with your weed’s original state and have you endure an unpleasant taste. 

What You Need for Cleaning a Bong

The most common way of cleaning glass bongs is using isopropyl alcohol. Before you begin cleaning, ensure you have all the supplies you need. The following are materials and supplies you need to clean your glass bong; 

• The dirty glass bong 
• Rock salt or sea salt 
• Isopropyl alcohol 
• Paper towels 
• A sink 
• Cotton or cork 

The Cleaning Process

With all the supplies ready, you will need to pour the rock salt into the glass bong so that the bottom of the bong is covered. The bigger the salt particles, the better for the cleaning process. Add enough 70% isopropyl alcohol to the rock salt so that the salt will be able to move around in the bottle. You can also use 91% or 99% isopropyl alcohol for a quicker and easier cleaning process. Isopropyl is a safe cleaning chemical that can be found at your local pharmacy. 

Once the slat and alcohol are inside the bong, you’ll need to cover the opening of the bong with a cork or cotton so that the contents do not fly out as you shake. Vigorously shake the bong so that the salt scraps off the resin off the glass surface. Shaking in different directions ensures that no stains are left behind.
After you are sure all the stains have been removed, you can flush the salt alcohol mixture down the toilet and thoroughly rinse off the residue. Use running water to ensure no salt residue is left behind. You can repeat the whole procedure in case the bong is not cleaned to your preference.

Other way to clean a bong

Mix hot water with lemon juice

You could also mix hot water with lemon juice and use it to clean a bong. The lemon has an effective acid that will help get rid of the gunk on the surface of your glass bong. Once the lemon and water solution is in the glass bong, you’ll need to wait three to five minutes to let the lemon loosen the gunk. Once the dirt is off the surface of the glass, you can rinse your bong with warm water. 

Cleaning Your Glass Bong Without Alcohol

An alternative way of cleaning your glass bong without isopropyl alcohol involves boiling water. Even though it takes a little longer, you eventually end up with a sparkling clean glass bong. You will need to boil enough water in a saucepan to be able to fully submerge the bong into it. Ensure you lower the heat so that the water keeps simmering as you let the bong soak. This is a delicate process as the bong could easily crack if the water is too hot.
You will need to let the bong stay in the saucepan for about 30 minutes, drain the water and clean it with paper towels.

Cleaning a silicone Bong

As opposed to glass bongs, silicone bongs are much smaller and lighter. Silicone bongs are easier to handle because they won’t break as easily as glass bongs. You can choose to forego the whole process of using alcohol or hot water to clean silicone bongs. This is because they are dishwasher safe and durable. 

How Often it Should be Cleaned 

How often you clean is entire as per your preference, but it is safe to clean it every second day, especially if you are a heavy smoker. It goes without saying that the more you use your bong, the more frequently it should be cleaned. Dirty bong water should be removed daily to prevent bacteria from breeding. Using a bong with contaminated water puts you at risk of contracting respiratory infections. You could even end up with a lung infection. Weed tastes so much better when it is smoked with a clean bong, and you also get to preserve your health. Signs you should look for that indicates that your bong is in urgent need of a wash includes;

• Build-up of resin 
• Discolored bong water that is brown and smelly 
• Slimy film in your bong 
• Grey or white mold fuzz on the resin 
• Dotted bong walls with black specs 


Routinely cleaning a bong ensures it is always as clean as the first day you got. When your bong is regularly cleaned, you won’t spend as much time cleaning it because there won’t be stubborn stains to deal with.

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