Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe From Lyme Disease

The effects of CBD are still being researched, but it’s widely believed that CBD can help to treat diseases in dogs as well as people. As a matter of fact, according to the American Association of Feline Practitioners, CBD is “one of the most important nutrients for healthy cats and dogs.” If you have a pet dog or cat, you’ve probably heard of CBD because it is touted as the “cure” for a wide variety of canine health problems. If your pet has ever been sick, this is likely because he has some form of CBD in his system.

Some breeds of dogs are at an increased risk for disease. It is possible that because of this gene, some dogs will contract a disease even if they are very healthy. It is said that a dog with CBD in his system has up to four times the minimum level of CBD required for good health. When looking at a dog and thinking of putting him on CBD supplements, keep this thing in mind. There are many side effects that occur from taking CBD.

Canine Lyme disease is caused by a bacterium known as Borrelia burgdorferi. Dogs can be infected with Lyme disease from being bitten by ticks. Because it doesn’t always affect humans, this disease is not expected to have an effect on dogs. However, when a dog contracts Lyme disease, he can suffer from muscle weakness, a loss of appetite, fatigue, and joint or arthritis pain.

While this is the most common disease for dogs, it can be fatal. Symptoms can include excessive scratching and chewing, vomiting, and diarrhea. In extremely rare cases, it can lead to meningitis, brain damage, heart failure, and death.

A dog that suffers from Lyme disease can become seriously ill. He may not survive. Because the symptoms often appear after the dog has been outdoors for some time, it is essential that your pet stay indoors while he receives treatment. Your vet can give you specific instructions about how long your pet can be indoors and during what activities. However, you should ensure your dog has plenty of water available for drinking and bathes to prevent the spread of the disease.

Even with treatment, your vet will not be able to completely cure your dog of the disease. He will, however, be able to control the disease to the point where your pet will have limited mobility, will not be able to play in the yard, and will likely suffer from arthritis and other joint and bone pain. CBD Lyme disease is a serious business for dogs. It is a bacterial infection that can be transferred through ticks, mosquitoes, and even birds. You must make sure that your dog is properly immunized to avoid contracting Lyme disease.

Although there is no cure for Lyme disease, there are many treatments that can be given to your dog. The goal is to keep your pet from getting sick to begin with, but to make him feel better while he is battling the illness. To start with, the vet may prescribe an antibiotic to treat the symptoms of your dog’s illness. Other medications may be given such as an anti-inflammatory drug or pain relievers. Your vet can also recommend other treatments to keep your dog feeling well while fighting Lyme disease.

As with every other pet ailment, prevention is always key. If your dog has been immunized against this disease, he will be less at risk. Talk to your vet about ways to protect your dog against ticks and other insects that can carry this awful disease.