Does CBD Oil Show Up on a Drug Test?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a popular treatment for many health issues. It is mostly prescribed for people with mild to chronic pains. The substance is derived from the marijuana plant, but unlike regular marijuana, it contains very low amounts of THC. This means the oil will not offer the normal high effect you would get from consuming marijuana products. This quality makes CBD oil a great option for people who want to enjoy the medical benefits of marijuana without experiencing the mind-altering effects of the substance.

CBD oil has many great benefits, but do you need to worry about failing a drug test because of this product?

Will I Fail a Drug Test Because of Using CBD Oil?

Drug tests are carried out in many workplaces around the world, and they could easily make you lose your job. You can fail a marijuana test even long after you quit using the drug. However, it is almost impossible for you to fail a drug test because of using CBD oil. Marijuana tests usually aim at finding a certain amount of THC in your system. This is the mind-altering compound in the drug. As noted earlier, CBD oil contains trace amounts of THC. In some cases, the oils will not even have any THC in them.

It is important to note that CBD oil is still not regulated. To make sure your CBD oil has less than 0.3% of THC, you should stick to reliable and reputable manufacturers. Manufacturers will usually indicate the amount of THC in their products, but it is wiser to always shop from well-known companies. Some manufacturers believe that a little THC helps to enhance the effects of CBD oil, but you can choose to go for products without any THC in them.

You should also check whether your manufacturer carries out post-processing testing of the CBD oils. The manufacturing process can affect the THC content of the products. There are certain independent bodies that will test the products after the manufacturing process to ensure that the THC levels are at the stated amount. Without the post-processing testing, your manufacturer will be free to indicate whatever THC levels they want, and since the industry is not regulated, they would not face any consequences.

CBD Tests

Most tests will attempt to detect the presence of THC in your system, but some specialised tests can detect CBD. Testing for CBD will cost your workplace a lot of money since it is not a standard procedure. The testing agency will charge your company for the equipment and standardisation, and since you will probably be the only institution using these tests, these charges will not be low. This is why companies are highly unlikely to test for the presence of CBD in your system. In any case, people can normally work with very high levels of CBD in their systems. There is really no reason for a company to test for CBD.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take in a Day?

The amount of CBD oil you take can influence the drug test results. Even if your product has trace amounts of THC, overusing it can accumulate the element until it shows in a drug test. Overusing CBD oil can actually cause some mind-altering effects because of the accumulated THC. To prevent this, you should follow your doctor’s dosage recommendations.

If you are just buying the substance over-the-counter, you can start with doses of 25mg at a time and see how that works for you. The optimal dosage will be determined by your weight, diet, genetics, product consistency, and metabolism. Keep increasing the dosage by 25mg until you find the best amount. If the effects are overwhelming, you can reduce the dosage by 25mg.

You will find it useful to record your experiences in a diary. This will guide you in future when you want to use the medication.

Should You Use CBD Oil?

If you are careful enough, CBD oil will not make you fail your drug test. There are many benefits of CBD oil. They include:

• Pain relief- The most celebrated benefit of CBD oil is pain relief. This substance reduces pain and does not have any side effects.
• Reduces anxiety- CBD oil also helps to combat anxiety. If you intend to use this product to reduce your anxiety, you should limit your intake. A high amount of THC can increase your anxiety levels. CBD oil can also help you fight depression.
• Reduces cancer-related symptoms- CBD oil is commonly used by cancer patients to reduce the symptoms of the condition. Also, it can help to alleviate the side-effects of cancer medication.
• Can reduce acne- CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties, and that means it can reduce acne. The substance can also reduce the production of sebum.


CBD oil has many benefits and uses. The substance contains little to no THC, and that is why it should never be detected in a drug test. It will only be tested in your system if you overuse it or go for products with high amounts of THC. The labels alone will not tell you how much THC is in the product, especially because the production of CBD products is not regulated. You need to check whether the company uses third-party testing bodies. Also, you would be better off using products from reputable companies.

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