CBD Oil in Our Circulation

CBD hemp oil is a medical product that is now replacing prescription medication and used to relieve conditions like epilepsy or cancer. Although it is a relatively new alternative medicine, its nutritional values have been known since ancient times. If you are looking for information about CBD oil and its uses, the following guide should give you a better idea. 

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is an extract from the plant hemp found in the leaves and stems of cannabis. The cannabinoids found in this plant is similar to the enzymes found in our bodies. They are responsible for fighting infections and keeping the body in homeostasis. The natural cannabinoids in our body are part of the nervous system and alert the body of pain. As the cannabinoids in hemp oil are so identical to our body’s natural cannabinoids, they can easily help aid the body in fighting bacteria and ward off free radicals in the skin. 

How Long Does CBD Oil Stay in Your System For?

Most people tend to ask the question ‘’how long does CBD oil stay in your system for?’’. While there is little data available to confirm exactly how long the CBD oil will stay in the body, according to the 2014 scientific journal publication about epilepsy, it was claimed that just a single dose of CBD oil taken orally would stay in your body for 1 to 2 days – A single dose is approximately 20 mg so based on this data, you would have around 10 mg in your body after 1 day. The study also found that drugs like marijuana or cannabis are completely eliminated from the body after 4 to 5 days. The same can be said about CBD oil. However, this depends on the dose and the frequency that the oil is taken as well as the subject’s metabolism, sex, weight, age, etc. To give a final answer to this question, you are looking at a minimum of 4 days for the CBD oil to stay in your system and a maximum of 1 month. 

How Long Does the Effect Last?

One of the most effective ways to take CBD oil is via the tongue. All you need to do is place a few drops under your tongue and keep it there for a minute or two. It will efficiently absorb into your bloodstream. You can expect the effects to start working within 20 minutes and last anywhere from 3 to 6 hours depending on the dose and other factors. Since CBD oil is safe enough to be taken several times a day, once you feel the effect wearing off, you can simply take it again whenever needed. 
Aside from taking the oil via the tongue, it is also possible to smoke CBD and absorb it through the lungs. It will go directly to your bloodstream and the effect will be within minutes. Some people prefer to apply the oil topically on areas of their body that they feel pain or discomfort. Once the oil is applied on your skin, it will absorb through the pores, however, the effects will not take place until an hour or even longer after application. Another popular way to take CBD oil is by eating it in the forms of chocolate, gummy sweets, or cakes. The effects can take as long as 1 hour, but if you eat it on an empty stomach, it can work quicker. 

How long the effects of CBD oil will last in the body requires more research as once it enters the body, it can exit the body rather quickly. One recent study on a group of volunteers who took very high doses of CBD oil every day for 6 weeks revealed that after 1 week of discontinued use, all the participants were clear of any CBD in their system. Had they used the CBD oil moderately, the effect would have lasted around 4 to 5 days depending on body mass and the dose taken. 

What are the Positive Side Effects of CBD Oil?

CBD oil comes in various forms, such as edibles, capsules, topical solutions, and tinctures. One of the most popular ways to take CBD oil is through concentrated tinctures, which are small drops of the oil under the tongue. You would only need one or two drops, but if you don’t like the nutty taste of the tincture, you can opt for the capsule form or flavoured products like gummies and chocolates. The topical solutions are ideal for skin disorders with scented or unscented varieties. They also have an especially positive effect on the skin when massaged or rubbed into the pores, although your hands may feel a little greasy or oily afterwards. 
There are many illnesses and conditions that CBD oil can be useful for, including epilepsy, depression, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, cancer, and rheumatism. This oil is frequently used to ease muscle pain as well as relieve nausea and increase appetite. Patients suffering from neurological disorders like epilepsy will especially benefit from taking CBD oil to decrease seizures. Those who have acne, blemishes, psoriasis, or allergic reactions will benefit from the topical CBD oil. The benefits of this oil are endless but more needs to be done in order to unravel its maximum potential. Most adults have experienced little or no side effects after consuming CBD oil and it has, thus far, been considered as one of the safest substances in the world of alternative medicine. In fact, in some studies, the participants were given high doses of the substance for up to 6 months and the results showed no side effects experienced in those users.

If you have been diagnosed with a serious condition like cancer, or you suffer from skin disorders, consider opting for CBD oil rather than the usually prescribed drugs that contain harmful chemicals and adverse side effects.

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