Does CBD Help With Asthma?

Have you been asking “Does CBD help with asthma?” I have to admit that I was very interested in this question when my son was suffering from asthma attacks. My son’s asthma became so bad that he was hospitalized and had several rescue inhalers, syrups, and tablets given to him on a daily basis. I also changed his eating habits in order to stop using all these medications.

He also started to use vaporizers instead of traditional inhalers. But after doing all this, he still had very poor levels of health and energy. I began to ask myself “Is there anything else that can help with his asthma?” Fortunately, my son is now on a normal life style and we are not so dependent on so many things as we used to be. But still, things like asthma medication, rescue inhalers, and all the rest are essential to my being able to do my job and to help keep my son relaxed and active. So I decided to write about his condition and what I have found out about how to help him live a normal life again.

There has been some good clinical and scientific data on CBD for inflammation. Early research indicates that CBD is an extremely effective medicinal treatment for decreasing the inflammation caused by asthma in patients with mild to moderate asthma. A recent study showed that CBD reduces the levels of TNF-alpha in patients with experimental allergic asthma. This inflammation is believed to be responsible for the tightness and restrictiveness of airways that is characteristic of an attack.

It is not clear how CBD helps with asthma. The decrease in inflammatory markers may help to reduce the symptoms of asthma. But the effects of inflammation itself remain unknown. It is also not clear whether CBD improves asthma symptoms by reducing the severity or duration of an attack. Most likely, it just makes the attacks less severe and frequent. It is also not clear whether CBD improves the control of respiratory muscles during an attack.

Another area where there is still no research is the effect of CBD on the lung tissues. Although CBD does seem to reduce the inflammation of lungs, there is no current evidence that it is able to help repair damaged tissue. Also, CBD may have some damaging effects on the immune system. Research on animals indicates that it can cause significant organ toxicity. In addition, CBD may have some negative interactions with other medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

Is CBD really that helpful? I believe that CBD definitely has some beneficial effect on asthma. It certainly reduces the severity and frequency of attacks. It is unclear whether it really works to control asthma or whether it has beneficial effects only in a controlled environment.

Does CBD help with asthma? If you are currently taking prescription medications for your asthma, it may be important for you to speak to your health care provider about trying an alternative form of treatment such as CBD. Although it has not been studied in humans, CBD may be a viable option for people who are experiencing asthma symptoms that are not responding to conventional treatments. If you decide to try CBD, talk to your doctor first and make sure you understand all of the risks and benefits. Your health care provider will be able to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Did you know that you can buy CBD oil? CBD capsules are available at many health food stores and online. They contain all the same essential vitamins, minerals, and herbs that your body needs to battle inflammation. Unlike most pharmaceuticals, CBD does not have any potentially dangerous side effects.