How Long do CBD Effects Last?

Firstly, for those who have not heard of cannabidiol (CBD), this is a natural substance found in the cannabis plant, and hemp and marijuana belong to the same family of plants but with differing CBD content. Obviously, the other difference is that CBD is completely legal and has a number of beneficial effects depending on what you need to use it for.

What are the Benefits of CBD oil?

There are a range of benefits from taking the oil such as reduced stress and improved mood, relief from some types of acute or chronic pain, improvement in sleep, reduction in itching and skin irritation, easing of vomiting and nausea, and it is also said to alleviate inflammation and joint pain to name a few of the many reported uses. 

At the lower end of the scale taking, 1-20mg of CBD can promote relaxation and take the edge off anxiety or worry, and at higher levels, you may become even more relaxed and potentially sleepy. As with all substances, each person’s body reacts slightly differently. The oil can be bought in a range of ways from topicals to vape oils and tinctures.

How Long does CBD take to Start Working?

Most people want to know how long CBD oil will take to start working once they start using it and depending on the amount used and an individual’s constitution this can take anything from a few minutes to a few hours, and will also depend on what purpose you are taking the oil for and these are some of the methods you can use:

Vaping: you will probably start to feel the effects after a few minutes of ingestion, however, if you are taking an edible form of CBD it could take a few hours to feel any difference.

Edible products: edible versions such as capsules or CBD chocolate – which tastes delicious – will take a bit longer to digest and work and may kick in from 20 minutes to an hour later. 

Topical CBD application: these may include lotions, oils, sprays and balms, and they are applied to the skin. As they are absorbed in a low rate and do not enter the bloodstream they are able to be applied liberally and are slower to begin taking effect than some other methods, generally an hour or more.

Sublingual CBD Ingestion: this method involves a CBD tincture that is put under the tongue (known as sublingual) using drops or a spray bottle, and this method starts to take effect between 30 to 90 minutes later. 

How Much CBD Should I Use?

If you have never tried CBD before you should start with the lower amounts – as mentioned each individual is different so it is important to see how you are on the lower doses and then work up gradually until you find the amount that is right for your body and the condition you want to treat. In addition, it will depend on what you are trying to treat and how quickly you would like the CBD to work. Therefore, some initial trial and error will be needed to find the right product and the right amount for you, but make sure you follow the instructions about dosage for each type of CBD. 

For vaping, especially if you have not used it before you should keep the daily amount of use to less than 10 milligrams. For under the tongue (sublingual) ingestion it is recommended that you start with a 1.25 mg burst with the average use being 3.1 mg. Topical methods such as balms and lotions can be applied more liberally until you find the perfect amount for your condition, and edible products should be kept to the amount recommended on the packaging. 

What are the effects?

If you ingest CBD you are likely to feel calmer and more relaxed when the oil starts to work, however, if you are taking CBD for other reasons besides anxiety or sleeplessness you may wish to monitor these effects and make sure you take CBD at a time that you do not need to drive or concentrate on detailed tasks. For those taking CBD as an anti-inflammatory, or for skin conditions, for example, some relief of the pain or itching should begin to take effect after the allotted timescale for each type of product used.

How Long Does the Effect of CBD Last for?

Depending on the type of CBD used the effects will last for varying amounts of time and this may differ for each person. In general, vaping effects will last for a few hours and vaping can be carried out intermittently during the day in line with daily recommended use mentioned above. Under the tongue drops or spray will last from 4 to 6 hours. Topical applications such as balms take longer to work but also last longer – typically 5 hours or more. Edible CBD effects may also last for a few hours after ingestion.

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