Everything You Need to Know About CBD Shatter

There are many ways to consume cannabis and reap the benefits of CBD. Dabbing is one of them. It’s one of the best ways to consume marijuana products especially for those looking for an instant result. This recently popular way of consuming cannabis involves heating a small amount of CBD concentrate on a hot surface in order to vaporize an extremely potent dose of cannabidiol. CBD concentrates are cannabis products comprised of CBD (cannabidiol) extracts derived from the hemp plant. 

Cannabis concentrates can come in different forms and consistencies. The characteristics of the final product are determined by the process used to create cannabis concentrate, the level of terpenes, and the solvent. There are several types of CBD concentrates that can be consumed via dabbing. These include oil, wax, and shatter, among others. Shatter has a reputation as being the purest and cleanest CBD extract. In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about CBD shatter including what it is, how it’s made, and how to use it. 

What Is CBD Shatter?

As stated earlier, dabbing is one of the hottest trends in the cannabis industry. Dabbing is a popular way of consuming cannabis products and is recommended for those who have an interest in using cannabis products for their health benefits but don’t necessarily love the hazy, heavy feeling of smoking pot. Cannabis concentrates, such as CBD shatter, are best consumed this way. If you are new to the world of cannabis and are not sure how to deliver its health benefits to your body, try CBD shatter. So, what is CBD shatter exactly? 

The term shatter is used to describe a brittle cannabis concentrate with a transparent, amber appearance. CBD shatter looks like thick honey when warm — shatter is sometimes compared to honey in colour as well — and glassy when cold. The unique glass look is as a result of the methods applied during the extraction. This CBD concentrate is made up of an exceptionally potent type of butane hash oil (BHO) and can have up to 80 percent cannabinoid composition. CBD shatter is often consumed via dabbing or vaporizing processes. 

Simply put, CBD shatter is a cannabis concentrate in the form of isolated crystals. CBD shatter has a glass-like appearance, both in shape and form. CBD shatter tends to have natural essential oils, known as terpenes, used to create a scent. There are different types of terpenes. The type of the terpenes added will determine the extra scents as well as the health benefits of the CBD shatter. For instance, both citrus fruits and juniper plants contain limonene, a natural terpene known for providing relief for infection, depression, stress, and inflammation. 

How to Use CBD Shatter

There are several ways to use CBD shatter. The most common methods of using CBD shatter are vaping and dabbing. If you prefer vaping, keep in mind that not all vaporizers will work with CBD shatter so make sure that you get a high-quality vaporizer that’s compatible with the shatter. Using the wrong vaporizer means that you won’t be able to taste the flavour and you’ll only get poor quality hits. Dabbing is the most popular way of using CBD shatter. It’s effective and delivers exceptional hits. Dabbing is a bit expensive compared to other methods of using CBD shatter since it requires the use of specialized equipment. 

How it it Made?

Making most cannabis concentrates involves the same basic process. The general process involves taking the marijuana buds and running them through a solvent (usually propane, CO2, or butane) to extract all the chemicals in the herb. The extractor then evaporates the solvent and is left with the chemicals found in the cannabis plant. There are minor differences in the process of making cannabis concentrates, which accounts for the differences in texture and consistency among various cannabis concentrates. When it comes to making CBD shatters, different variations of recipes exist. 

Equipment and Ingredients

With the right equipment and ingredients, you can make your own CBD shatter. In general, you’ll need uncut marijuana, an extraction tube, double boiler and an electric range, butane canister, single edge razor blades, glass dish (like Pyrex) to collect the shatter, and a coffee filter. Grind the dry plants and pack it into the extractor. Spray the butane into the extractor filled with the ground herb through the top hole while holding the extractor over the glass dish. Place the coffee filter on the other end of the extractor to trap any unwanted materials. 

A brownish thick liquid will drip from the extractor through the coffee filter into the glass dish. Fill the bottom section of the double boiler with water and place it on a preheated electric range. Place the extract on the glass dish into the top part of the boiler to evaporate the butane. This is a potentially dangerous process; therefore, avoid open flames. Be sure to use an electric range. Give the liquid time to evaporate to leave behind the shatter. Ensure that all the solvent (in this case, butane) is removed before dabbing the shatter. 

Removing Excess Butane

If the boiling process does not remove all the unwanted or excess butane, you can use a pressure vacuum pump to remove the residual and remain with pure shatter. Professional extractors sometimes use a 3 CFM one-stage pump to filter solvent residual. Typical CBD shatter looks like honey with varying degrees of transparency and colour profiles. The consistency of cold CBD shatter resembles that of glass. It will shatter just like glass when tapped or dropped, hence the name ‘shatter.’ When warm, CBD shatter has the consistency of thick honey.

The final step involves scraping the shatter from the bottom of the glass dish with the single edge razor and placing it on the parchment paper strip. Leave the shatter to cool after which it is ready for consumption. Use high CBD, high terpene, and high resin cannabis strain (hemp) to make CBD shatter. That way, you’ll end up with the right CBD shatter, which ideally contains 0% THC and will not lead to intoxication. THC is the psychoactive compound in marijuana. You can enhance the flavour of your CBD shatter by blending the crystals with your favourite essence.

Benefits of CBD Shatter

As you can see, making CBD shatter is a relatively simple process. With the right equipment and necessary ingredients, the process can be easily accomplished with a closed loop extraction. Alternatively, you can purchase CBD shatter from licensed distributors in your area. Most CBD shatters have 0% THC and are sold in virtually all states. CBD shatter delivers all the health benefits of CBD. CBD shatters have many benefits over other forms of CBD.

First of all, being that CBD shatter is a concentrate, it’s basically cannabidiol in its purest, most potent form. Due to its exceptional potency, it’s also fast acting when it comes to relieving pain and anxiety. This makes it an easy solution for those suffering from chronic or severe pain and need quick relief. Using CBD shatter also allows the patient to promote relaxation and sleep, as well as, ease nausea symptoms without spending a lot of money. CBD shatter tends to be highly cost-effective compared to other CBD products. 

Shatter delivers a tremendously large hit due to its high cannabinoid concentration. Patients suffering from extreme opiate withdrawals, Crohn’s disease, extreme anxiety, seizures, and certain cancers may need a higher dose to CBD shatter to relieve the symptoms. CBD shatters contain particular strains of terpenes that give off aromatic properties. This offers a higher level of discretion compared to other forms of CBD. In most cases, CBD shatters have 0% THC (the psychoactive compound in marijuana); therefore, you don’t have to worry about getting ‘high’ after using CBD shatter. 

Is CBD Shatter Safe?

CBD shatter is generally safe; however, the major safety concern when it comes to consuming CBD shatter via dabbing is the fact that CBD shatter is commonly made with butane as a solvent for the extraction process. Butane is flammable and extremely volatile, which makes smoking CBD shatter with traces of butane potentially dangerous. Therefore, if you have neither the expertise nor the right equipment to make CBD shatter, leave the production to the professionals. 

Also, keep in mind that DIY shatter is not for everyone. The process of extracting CBD shatter is not safe, especially when done in a less than ideal environment. It can be a real safety hazard; so, don’t attempt it if you don’t have the expertise or the proper equipment. Luckily, there are numerous licensed CBD products distributors selling CBD shatter and other CBD products in the country. You can buy CBD shutter from any of them. Getting your CBD shatter from a reputable professional is the best way to ensure you are consuming a safe product and getting all the benefits that CBD has to offer. 

Is CBD Shatter Legal?

The demand for cannabidiol has skyrocketed in the last few years, a trend attributed to the compound’s ability to naturally treat dozens of chronic conditions. So, is CBD shatter legal? Well, there are no clear-cut answers to the question of the legality of CBD. The whole situation is still unclear due to different laws in different states as well as seemingly contradicting laws at the federal and state level. The difference between legal and illegal is contingent on key factors determined by the state in question. For instance, is the CBD derived from the hemp or marijuana plant? 

Hemp and marijuana are both members of the cannabis family. The major difference between the two is their chemical composition. The dominant compound in hemp is CBD while the dominant compound in marijuana is THC. THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis. It’s responsible for the ‘high’ sensation associated with cannabis. THC and the products which contain it are illegal in most countries, including the UK. While hemp contains no more than 0.3% THC, the marijuana plant contains up to 30% THC.

In most cases, CBD derived from the marijuana plant contains traces of THC. While the levels of THC are very low, CBD extracted from the marijuana plant does not meet the criteria for legality in most countries and is, therefore, illegal. On the other hand, CBD extracted from hemp contains 0% THC and legal. So, is CBD shatter legal? It depends. The answer is yes if it is extracted from hemp and probably no if it is extracted from the marijuana plant — depending on where you are. When purchasing CBD shatter, check to confirm that it’s extracted from hemp and doesn’t have any traces of THC.

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