Which Essential Tremor And CBD Oil Really Works?

People suffering from essential tremor often choose to use natural means to help their condition. This includes both prescription and natural remedies. In most cases it is wise to consider using an herbal supplement before turning to pharmaceutical drugs. Taking the time to research these natural alternatives is not only better for your body but also may help to increase your chances for success when it comes to fighting tremor. Some essential tremor and CBD options that are available can improve symptoms while avoiding any possible side effects.

Essential tremor and CBD

There are many different types of supplements on the market today. Some are in liquid, pill or capsule form. It is important to consider if you prefer to take CBD as a supplement or a medication, as they have different side effects and should be used separately if at all possible. If you decide to try CBD oil for essential tremor, are there any potential risks of it affecting your blood sugar and heart medications?

Studies on CBD have shown that it has very low potency when compared to other drugs in this category. While there are no adverse reactions documented in single case reports, this does not mean that they are safe. Long term, low dosages can result in liver dysfunction. A liver disease called acetaminophen toxicity is one potential side effect when taking higher dosages of this drug. For this reason, it is best to speak with your pharmacist before taking any herbal supplement, especially when dealing with essential tremor and CBD.

The single case report showed effectiveness of CBD in reducing tremors in patients who had been diagnosed with Parkinson disease. However, it is unclear whether CBD alone is effective or whether it is a combination of other ingredients. In addition to safety concerns, there is also a debate regarding whether or not the drug interactions with other herbs and medicines such as antacids, antidepressants, ginkgo biloba, valiums and magnesium. This is because many of these medications target different symptoms rather than CBD itself.

I would say that the jury is still out. Some people claim that CBD can do everything that is mentioned above, while others believe that it can do nothing at all. In my opinion, the safest answer is to try CBD oil. The short answer to whether or not it is helpful in lowering your tremor is: Yes, it can.

You might be asking, “What else could this magical thing do?” My heart and blood pressure medication were derived from plants, so it is safe to assume that CBD could do the same things. That is one reason why CBD is typically sold as an oil. It is not derived from a psychoactive substance; therefore it is safe. In addition to the plant extracts listed above, CBD is also frequently included in herbal products, because it is a relatively mild substance.

A few months later, I started to experience tingling, numbness and muscle spasms in my lower back. The numbness began near the base of the spine near my tailbone. This condition continued for about a month. After about a month and a half I started to notice that the pain decreased whenever I moved. After a few months of consistent use of the CBD oil, I noticed a marked decrease in my tremors and the accompanying pain.

If you are suffering from essential tremor and have tried traditional medications, you should consider trying CBD oil. Please consult your previous practitioner before starting a new regimen. Also, please remember to discuss any other medications you may be taking (prescription or over the counter) with your doctor. Make sure they will not interfere with the use of CBD oil. With proper care and preparation, you should find a great success in reducing or eliminating your tremor.