A Comprehensive Guide on CBD Isolate Powder

CBD is the new to go-to non-psychoactive compound on the block. It is making headlines all over the globe as more people come to know its medicinal benefits. One variant of the cannabinoid that is quickly taking over the market is CBD isolate powder. If you need a comprehensive guide on CBD isolates, then read on. 

What is CBD 

CBD is a contracted name for cannabidiol, which is one of 113 cannabinoids present in hemp plant. Though from a plant in the same family as marijuana, it cannot make any person high, in medical terms, it is non-psychoactive. Nonetheless, it contains traces of Marinol or THC, about 0.3 per cent. 

The small amount of THC in CBD is a problem for those who are required to take frequent blood tests. You will test positive on a marijuana drug test in spite of never being high, thanks to the negligible amounts of THC. Consequently, most people shy off from enjoying the benefits of CBD, 

CBD full spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum 

Full spectrum CBD is the CBD product resulting from the processing of the entire plant. Consequently, it has the undesired THC together with other minor cannabinoids. Broad spectrum CBD, on the other hand, is the same product with the entire full spectrum element but with the THC removed. 

Another variant of the CBD, which is the safest of all is the CBD isolate powder. 

What is CBD isolate powder? 

It is a crystalline powder that is 99% pure CBD. Manufacturers that produce it go beyond removing the THC. They remove the oils, waxes, chlorophyll, minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and other leaving only CBD. 

CBD isolate still has the same potency of THC-free CBD. It also offers relief to anyone who cannot afford to have a positive drug test. They include military personnel, police officers, drivers, and those working in a company with strict drug policy. It is beneficial to those who are intolerant to THC as well. 

How is CBD isolate powder made? 

The production of CBD isolate begins with the normal CBD extraction process. The CBD produced at this stage has all the components of the hemp plant, including THC. Fats are then removed from the extract through a winterisation process. It then undergoes numerous rotary evaporation systems to remove other plant elements. 

The filtrate is then decarboxylated before being crystallised. The final powder is taken to third-party laboratories for testing. Once tested, it is packaged and shipped to stores or the end user. 

So how do you make use of this ultra-purified fine powder? 

How to use CBD isolate powder 

Since CBD is tasteless and odourless, it can be ingested in any way. One of the most common ways is as CBD isolate powder oil. 

CBD isolate powder oil 

It is an oil that has been infused with CBD isolate. Suitable carrier oils are olive, MCT oil and grapeseed. Experts advise against using coconut oil because it solidifies in room temperature conditions.

How to make CBD powder oil 

You can easily create your CBD powder oil with the right ingredients. The items you will need are: 

CBD isolate powder: Buy CBD isolate from a trusted manufacturer or vendor. 
Carrier oil: MCT oil is the most preferred oil because it is odourless, tasteless, and does not go bad quickly. You use olive oil as well. 
A measuring cup: You will need it to measure the oil. You can opt for an oral syringe instead. 
Container: It will hold your contents. Most people prefer dropper bottles, but any sterile glass container with a proper lid will do. 
Spoon: It will be used for transferring your CBD powder into the container. A scoop or a small funnel can serve the same purpose.

Before you start infusing the powder into the oil, decide on the concentration you desire. If you have used it before, then it will be easy to know what works for you. Otherwise, start small and increase the dosage as you find your sweet spot. A safe start level is 25mg to 30mg per millimetre. That is, put 1g of CDB powder in a 30ml of oil. 

Step one: Use a scoop, spoon or funnel to transfer the powder into the container or bottle. 
Step two: Use the measuring cup or oral syringe to measure the oil and carefully add it to the bottle. 
Step three: Tightly screw the lid of the container or bottle. Shake the mixture for about a minute and let it down to dissolve.
Step four: CBD isolate powder takes some time to dissolve in oil, but you can hasten the process by putting the container in warm water. Fortunately, once the powder dissolves, it will not recrystallise.

You can use the oil is several ways. You can use it to bake or cook your food. However, it is worth noting that CBD loses its potency at higher temperatures. Therefore, keep the cooking temperature below 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 

You can also mix the CBD isolate oil with other skin oils to ease arthritis pains, joint inflations, and muscle pains. 

Other ways of taking CBD isolate powder are: 

• Infuse it in honey: You can create a CBD sweetener by dissolving it in your honey. Heat the honey then add the CBD isolate powder and mix it thoroughly until it dissolves. You can then use the sweetened honey spice on your toast, coffee, tea. You can even lick it if that is your thing. 
• Placing it under the tongue: For a quicker way of getting the CBD into your bloodstream, Fortunately, the powder has no smell or flavours. Place it under your tongue, and the mucous membranes will absorb it in less than a minute, delivering instant benefits. 
• Taking it coffee or tea: You can add an extra boost to your morning coffee or tea with a pinch of the fine powder. 
• CBD smoothie or juice: Another easy way of using CBD isolate powder is by mixing it with your morning juice or smoothie. It will easily blend with these, providing a healthy drink to start of your day. You can also take it before going to bed for better rest and sound sleep. 

Finally, let’s debunk two common myths you might have heard or will hear about CBD isolate

Myth one: CBD is illegal where marijuana is banned.

This myth is based on a false premise and hence wrong. It assumes that since the compound is a cannabinoid, then it is from marijuana. The truth is, CBD comes from a different tree, hemp, which belongs to the same family as marijuana. 

The legality of the compound in most countries is not CBD itself but on the source. Most countries ban all marijuana extracts since the plant contains 60% THC. Hemp on the other hand only has .3%, which is a legal level in most places, including the UK. CBD isolate is, therefore, legal even in places where all forms of marijuana are banned.

Myth two: All CBD isolates are similar 

You might have heard this punch line from suppliers who sell CDB isolate from nondescript manufacturers. The truth is that the CBD market is unregulated. Therefore, there are many unscrupulous producers and vendors. 

Consequently, some products sold as pure CBD may contain even higher levels of THC than the full spectrum CBD. Ask for third-party lab testing results when buying CBD isolate powder. Genuine companies will always provide lab results to prove their claim. 


Currently the biggest hurdle to the access of CBD isolate is the cost; fortunately, the number of producers will rise as the market increase, which will lead to a significant reduction in the price of the drug. Nonetheless, you can start including CBD isolate in your wellness plan. Just ensure you purchase it from a trustworthy company. Again, since this is a drug, consult your doctor before you start using CBD isolate.

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