Everything about CBD wax

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is quickly becoming widely recognised for its long list of health benefits. The most commonly known form of CBD is oil but there is a range of different forms available such as gum, drops, lotion and capsules. CBD wax is another form which is easy to purchase and use and preferred by lots of users. CBD wax is taken by inhalation rather than being digested or topically applied and this is the main difference between the different forms. The wax can be conveniently inhaled using a dabbing pen or vaping pen. The form of CBD that is the best for a user will depend on many things such as the reason behind the use, the strengths needed and the limitations of each individual. It is worth understanding what CBD wax is and how it is used to find out if it is the right one for you. 

What is CBD wax? 

CBD wax is a gooey and flexible, semi-solid form of cannabidiol that is not unlike beeswax in texture. It is also known by a few different names such as CBD dabs, CBD budder, CBD crumble and CBD shatter.

CBD budder is loose in consistency and has a texture similar to dairy butter. It is made using high temperatures during the purging process.

CBD crumble is exactly as the name describes – crumbly, harder and has a consistency rather like cheese. Crumble is made using a pre-purged oil that is thicker in the initial stages and is generally opaque in colour.

CBD shatter has the hardest consistency and is usually transparent. It breaks up in a similar way to a fragile glass, hence its name, but it can also be pulled and snapped in some consistencies.

How is CBD wax made? 

CBD wax is produced by extracting oil from the hemp plant. The extraction method used is the carbon dioxide method which is considered the safest and purest process. Carbon dioxide or CO2 is used in food products and herbal supplements, and it is preferred because it removes unwanted substances like chlorophyll without adding anything extra during the process. During the purging process, an opaque and less liquid consistency is produced leaving CBD wax that is used for dabbing and vaping use. 

How to use CBD wax 

CBD wax is made to be inhaled. This is also known as vaping or most-commonly called dabbing. Dabbing is carried out by using a dabbing pen which gently heats the wax until it turns into a vapour that can be inhaled. A small amount, or pellet, of wax, is placed on the heating coil of the pen, and then inhaled via the mouthpiece and taken into the lungs.

Dabbing with CBD wax is not the same as using cannabis, although the two are sometimes compared to each other by those who do not fully understand the product. There is a tiny amount of the chemical THC in CBD oil and wax, and this cannot get the user high in the same way as cannabis or medical marijuana which has a much higher concentration of THC. It is the THC that has undesirable effects on people, in complete contrast to the beneficial effects that CBD has.

What are the benefits of dabbing with CBD wax? 

Dabbing or vaping is often the preferred way of using CBD oil because the advantageous effects can be felt very quickly. CBD oil that is digested first, or applied on the skin topically, has to go through the digestive system which takes time, and it also reduces the potency of the product. The quicker speed is important for people who use CBD for reasons such as pain relief or to help with anxiety and need to have the benefits readily available. It is also easier to tweak the dosage for each individual to make sure exactly the right amount is used each time. Of course, dabbing is not the right method for everyone, and each form should be considered for its merits and pitfalls. Pregnant or mothers who are breastfeeding should not use this method, and this is also not suitable for children. For anyone using CBD wax for the first time, it is advised to start with the smallest dose first and very slowly increase it as required.

How often should you use CBD wax? 

It is difficult to say exactly how often or how much you should vape with CBD wax, but as a rough guide there should be no need to vape more than three times a day on average. It depends on the doses used and the reasons for using dabs as well as the size and weight of the user. Try to use the smallest dose and frequency you can and do not binge on the product. The level of toxicity in CBD products is low and severe adverse effects are infrequent, but caution is always recommended. 

How to use CBD wax safely 

Dabbing is a safe method of using CBD but there are steps to take to ensure that no ill effects are experienced. 

1. Make sure the CBD wax dabs used are of the highest quality. Do not purchase low-grade products or dabs that are from an unreliable source. If they seem extremely cheap, it is probably wise to stay away from them. 
2. The strength of CBD wax might be higher than any CBD products you have used before so exercise some caution when first using it. Start with a very low dose until you understand how it affects you. 
3. Use a quality vape pen that is safe and reliable as the heating coil could cause injury or fire. 
4. Do not try to make your own dabs or use something else in a dab pen. It might seem like an easy process, but the extraction methods are not straightforward and should not be attempted at home. 

CBD is a great alternative remedy for many ailments but it should be used along with a holistic approach to health. Understand the importance of a good diet, exercise, fresh air and a daily routine for general well being and try to practice these alongside CBD use.

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