What You Should Know About CBD-E Liquid

CBD-E liquid is a liquid made out of marijuana and other components for use in vaporizers. CBD-E Liquid is infused in two major liquid bases. These are Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG). PG is a viscous, colourless liquid that is soluble in most fluids including water. VG is also the same, but unlike PG, VG is odourless and has no taste. CBD-E Liquid users can enjoy a variety of flavours, which are infused into the base fluids. Unlike other e-liquids that users take for luxury purposes, CBD-E Liquid is used for medical purposes. As such, the user cannot get high from taking it. While in normal circumstances the vapour would move from the lungs and get to the liver and gut to produce hallucinogenic effects, CBD-E Liquid moves from the lungs and goes directly to the bloodstream; therefore, infusing the relaxing components of hemp into the body instantly.

The Difference Between CBD-E liquid and CBD Vape Juice

There is no difference between CBD-E Liquid and CBD Vape Juice. Both terms are used to describe CBD cartridges that are pre-filled with CBD oil. In retrospect, both items are administered using e-cigarettes or vaporizers. These gadgets provide an instant effect in the way CBD is diffused into the body. Users enjoy effectiveness that can scale up to four times as compared to smoking.

However, you should not get confused between “CBD vape juice” and “THC vape juice”. CBD e-Liquids can in no way induce psychoactive feelings and get you “high”. The same cannot be said about THC vape juice. You can learn more about what THC vape juice here.

Different Flavors

CBD-E Liquid has flavours just like any other edible or consumable item available in the market. Consumers can choose from a variety of classic or new flavours depending on their preferences. The original vape juice can be quite tiring especially if it is made out of vegetable glycerine. It only provides you with relaxing effects without any recreational components. Individuals who are new to vaping may not like this option as much, which is why most if not all companies producing the item have invested in creating flavours. These make the vaping experience much more tolerable for them. Some of the flavours available in the market include:

  • Pineapple
  • Mint
  • Strawberry
  • Breakfast cereal
  • Cheese
  • Mango
  • Lemon
  • Kiwi, etc.

These additives can either be natural or artificial depending on the company’s production policies. While the artificial flavors are more vibrant, the natural ones provide a subtle but realistic scent.

How to Use CBD-E Liquid

Before you can consume CBD-E Liquid, you need to have a gadget that will make this possible. Three devices can be used for this purpose. These are the atomizers, clearomizers, and cartomizers. A CBD-E Liquid user that opts for the first two options has an advantage over the one who chooses the last one in that they can refill their device once it runs out of the vaping material. While all these gadgets work the same way, a few variables differ. Here is a step by step lead on how to use each of the three objects to vape.

  • Cartomizers

These are the easiest to use considering that you purchase an already pre-filled cartridge. All you need to do is open the seal, screw the customizer to the battery, and press the button whenever you want to inhale. Once the cartomizer runs out of CBD-E Liquid, you will notice that the vapes are less intense, meaning that the time to get a new device is long overdue.

  • Atomizers 

These are next in line when it comes to simplicity. You need to have a coil and wick for the device to perform optimally. Before putting it to use, it is essential to read the instructions manual to know the battery safety regulations and check the resistance of the coil. You can then secure your coil to the atomizer’s deck. If you are using an un-spaced coil, you have to heat it for some time to get rid of the hot spots. However, this step is not necessary if your coil is spaced. Let it sit for a while until it hits room temperature then fix your wick into the coil. Afterward, drip some CBD-E Liquid on the cord and leave it to saturate. From this point onward, you can enjoy the benefits of your E-Liquid. Ensure you fill up your tank before you begin vaping and do not let it run dry for obvious reasons.

  • Clearomizers

Unlike the atomizer, this device requires you to prime the coil before you assemble all the other parts to it. Once everything is in its precise place, you can then fill the tank with your vape juice and wait for the wick to saturate, before you can begin vaping. This vaping gadget is much easier to use as compared to atomizers since you do less work in regards to assembling the parts.

Benefits of CBD-E Liquid

Vaping CBD-E Liquid is known to have positive effects on its users. Here are some of the most notable benefits of this product.

  • Fast Absorption

People who have used other forms of CBD products can testify that they take longer to absorb. This is because an individual has to pop a capsule or put a few drops of the substance under their tongues and wait for it to work. The procedure can take up to half an hour before any tangible results can be observed. As such, it becomes inconvenient especially for individuals suffering from seizures or other diseases that require instant results. Vaping this substance, on the other hand, makes it easier for the CBD components to be absorbed into the bloodstream; thus, reducing the side effects of the disease an individual is suffering from.

  • Dosage Customization

When you use other CBD products, they usually come in doses that are measured previously, which puts them in a ‘one size fits all’ kind of medication structure. As such, some individuals may have to make do with under or overdosages of these CBD products. However, people who opt for CBD vape juice enjoy the benefits of a custom prescription that suits their needs.

  • It eases the side effects of diseases

The calming effect of this product is what draws individuals to use it. Individuals who suffer from seizures, several types of cancers, anxiety, and high blood pressure among other ailments can make use of this product to reduce the pain or effects of whatever they are suffering from. Therefore, allowing the patient to go through the treatment process without feeling weak as much.

  • It Curbs the Spread of Cancer

While this notion is still in the research stages, researchers are indicating that this medicinal liquid can stop the spread of certain cancerous tumors. CBD can do this by killing cancer cells, inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, and inhibiting or controlling the spread of cancer-causing cells to other parts of the body.

  • Fuels Appetite and Reduces Nausea

Appetite is one of the things that reduces when patients are diagnosed with various chronic diseases. Thanks to CBD-E Liquid, patients with these diseases can take their required food intake effortlessly. This is made even much better since the drug will reduce nausea; thus, enabling an individual to keep down whatever they take in.

  • It is Friendly to Users and Non-Users

While smoking hemp in public is frowned upon since the combustion produces harmful gases that are hazardous to both the user and others within the surrounding, vaping CBD-E Liquid gets rid of the combustion process. As such, vaping is deemed as a safer method of taking in the benefits f the product.

  • It is Convenient

The convenience of CBD-E Liquid is projected in the items used to administer it. The vape pens are small and discreet, meaning that one can carry theirs with them in their purse or slip it in the pocket without being noticed. Additionally, the user needs not to worry about irritating non-smokers since vaping does not produce any smoke.

Final Thoughts

CBD-E Liquid can be considered to be a useful product considering that it offers relaxation properties to various patients without bringing about any significant side effects. Individuals can benefit from a constant dose, discretion, and best of all, instant absorption properties.

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