Can CBD Help With Lyme Disease?

Are you wondering if CBD and Lyme disease are a match? While there has been some initial research about the effectiveness of CBD for Lyme disease, more recent research has shown that CBD may not be so good for Lyme. It has long been known that CBD can help to suppress the symptoms of inflammatory diseases such as MS. But it is unclear whether or not it has any effect on Lyme. While patients can have very good results on this form of treatment, those who take this medication for any other purpose should be cautious.

Most patients bitten by infected ticks eventually get better without treatment, while others have long-lasting symptoms years after treatment. The symptoms of Lyme are similar to those of several other infectious diseases. The main characteristic of Lyme is the development of neurological inflammation. However, some symptoms are less common than others. Some can include skin rash, extreme headache, fever, joint stiffness, muscle pain, and cognitive impairment. In rare instances, patients develop life-threatening complications such as meningitis and amyloidosis.

While it is unclear whether CBD is effective in treating these symptoms, CBD and Lyme disease patients should be careful about taking marijuana, another source of CBD, which is also an inflammatory disease. Studies have shown that marijuana use can increase the risk of developing inflammation. This is because CBD reduces the levels of the body’s natural pain-relieving compounds. Also, CBD and Lyme disease patients should avoid areas where the ticks are likely to be found. The risk of exposure can be reduced by using air filters designed to remove pesticides or any other chemicals deemed harmful to health.

As with other medications for treating disorders and diseases, research has shown that CBD and Lyme disease patients should not use marijuana if at all possible. Medical experts also recommend avoiding any CBD preparations that contain THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Although CBD cannot be transmitted through inhalation, it can be absorbed through contact with the skin. If exposed, such as when bathing or showering, then the patient should cover the area in question.

As with other medications for treating disorders and diseases, CBD and Lyme disease patients should inform their doctors if they plan to use marijuana. Although this is the case, patients should not assume that this will automatically rule out treatment. Often, it is simply not known how the two substances interact. Some studies have proven that CBD can help ease symptoms in certain patients while causing none or little irritation in others.

The most common side effect of CBD and Lyme disease therapy is a reduction of marijuana’s effectiveness. Although most CBD contains the same amount of THC, it does not have the same potency. As a result, CBD and Lyme disease patients should avoid taking doses that are higher than recommended. CBD may also have less of an impact on the patient’s central nervous system than expected. This decrease in potency may account for some of the differences in results between CBD and Lyme disease patients.

Many people who use CBD report little to no side effects. Those who use CBD and Lyme disease medications but do not report negative side effects may be using lower concentrations of CBD. In fact, in some cases, CBD has been used to treat more severe symptoms of diseases like MS and epilepsy. It has been proven that CBD reduces the symptoms of those diseases while sparing the body the destruction that is normally caused by the drugs. CBD is different from other pharmaceuticals because it is a non-psychotic drug and does not cause delusions, hallucinations or disorientation. It has been found to be a useful natural treatment for a wide range of ailments.

If you or someone you know is in need of CBD and Lyme disease information, it is important to talk to a doctor. A doctor can give advice about the use of CBD or help a friend or family member who has this illness decide if it is a good option for them. People who are interested in trying CBD should take care to research the different strains of cannabis and find a strain that they feel most comfortable with. A person who suffers from lyme disease should be sure to get an adequate amount of rest and avoid strenuous activity for a couple weeks after the diagnosis.