Is CBD Legal in Sweden?

Does CBD legal in Sweden? A lot of people around the world have different and varied thoughts regarding this question. Some people consider that the consumption and purchase of CBD are completely legal in the Scandinavian countries, while others believe that this is totally illegal. Well, there is no hard and fast ruling regarding this matter. However, the general consensus is – yes, it’s perfectly legal to purchase and consume CBD oil within Sweden.

CBD legal in sweden

CBD is derived from the flower of the sativa plant and as such, possess less than 0.2% CBD present in the product, which is well below the limit approved by the FDA for use as a medication and therefore disappointing the many hopeful advantages it offers to individuals suffering from certain medical conditions or who may benefit from the therapeutic properties of CBD. Despite that, the government has allowed the production, trade and consumption of CBD in order to protect the consumer’s safety and health. This is especially true when it comes to CBD use as a remedy for children suffering from severe diseases. In fact, the European Commission strictly prohibits the production, supply and advertising of pharmaceutical products containing any CBD without the necessary authorisation.

Consequently, individuals who want to use the CBD without having to go through the red-tape regarding the production, supply and promotion of pharmaceutical products containing cannabis as a controlled substance can easily obtain CBD without any hassle. In addition to that, consumers can also acquire CBD online without having to go through the same lengthy procedures when it comes to obtaining any other types of products. As an example, the CBD is available in ready-to-consume liquid form. However, there are several companies that offer CBD oil.

The substance, which is also commonly known as CBD oil, is considered legal in Sweden. It is produced within the country under the strict supervision of the Government of Sweden and is therefore not available for sale or consumption. Moreover, the substance is only meant for professional use by qualified persons. In addition to that, the substance is not intended for resale. A number of websites on the Internet indicate that CBD is considered legal in some foreign countries such as the United States and Australia, however, such sites are often unreliable and may contain fraudulent information.

When it comes to questions about the legality of consuming CBD, the Government of Sweden maintains, “There are no regulations covering the production, possession or importation of CBD. Under current legislation, possession of CBD is not prohibited but is not a basis for the regulation of any activity related to CBD consumption.” Consequently, there are restrictions regarding the production, importation and distribution of CBD. Additionally, there are no Federal or local taxation on CBD products. Consequently, a consumer can freely choose whether he wants to consume CBD oil or CBD.

Regarding its consumption, a consumer has the right to consume the substance if he holds a valid prescription from his doctor. Moreover, it is prohibited to sell CBD. Nonetheless, there are legislative limitations in both the United States and in Portugal where the use of CBD by adults is strictly prohibited. In the case of Portugal, the consumption of CBD is strictly prohibited in public places. Similarly, in the United States, there are numerous bills and resolutions which have been passed in an attempt to prevent the usage of CBD by minors.

The position of the Government of Sweden is, “There are no specific regulations covering the production, possession or distribution of CBD. Under current legislation, possession of CBD is not a basis for the regulation of any activity related to CBD. Therefore, consumption of CBD by adults is not a criminal offense in Sweden.” Consequently, there are no legal restrictions regarding the consumption of CBD.

There are three legal routes open to consumers who wish to purchase CBD oil. Retailers can be approached to purchase CBD legally as well as individual users can visit the websites of companies that produce, distribute and retail CBD. It is important to state that the law on the production and trafficking of CBD is very ambiguous. Consequently, buyers must seek advice from a trustworthy and reliable source before investing in CBD oil. A number of organizations that have come up with statements regarding the illegality of CBD in the United States can also be contacted to get confirmation about the status of CBD in Sweden.