Can CBD Help Tremors Work For You?

If you have been diagnosed with a Parkinson’s disease like my father suffered, then you might have asked yourself is CBD able to help tremors? In my opinion there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that the herb can help relieve tremors. However, there is no hard scientific evidence to support this claim at all. I believe it depends on who is doing the research and which study they are basing their information on.

One of the most widely reported stories about the benefits of the herb comes from the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. It states that in lab tests using human cell cultures, the herb was able to prevent the death of the human cell cultures. This is exciting because we know that Parkinson’s is caused by the death of neurons. The ability of the plant to prevent death makes it an interesting subject for future studies. It also makes it easier to test in humans.

According to various other sources, including the Mayo Clinic, the herb has also shown signs of being able to reduce tremors in some cases. This is according to a report from the Parkinson’s Association. Unfortunately for many sufferers, those in the clinical trials of this miracle plant were not included because they could not benefit from the short-term results. There are also conflicting reports about whether or not CBD can help alleviate symptoms in people with severe forms of Parkinson’s disease. If you suffer from the very serious condition, there is no real question that CBD can help you. So, why haven’t medical professionals jumped on the bandwagon and recommended its use?

As stated earlier, the lack of supporting evidence and studies that directly address this question make many doctors leery. Some even resort to labeling products containing CBD as “potential” or “extended release.” They argue that it simply hasn’t been established that these products are helpful or even safe for long term use. On the other hand, there are many anecdotal reports of individuals who swear by the plant, especially when starting a support group for Parkinson’s patients. In one case, for instance, a man was taking an anti-psychotic painkiller, acetaminophen, which typically reduces tremors. He was advised by his physician to take a supplement that contained CBD instead.

In general, experts agree that any remedy should be considered as a treatment that can help, not help all of the time. While it is true that some types of medical conditions may improve when treated using herbs or botanicals, the condition can flare up again without the use of such remedies. Additionally, it should be noted that most of the plant’s effects are seen within the first 24 hours. It takes several weeks to see benefits.

Does this mean that this plant is useless? No, it is not. However, like any supplement or vitamin, it must be used in moderation. Some people can experience side effects like nausea and stomach upset. For others, it may help to reduce stress and improve mood.

When should you use this remedy? If you have tremors and have not had improvement after trying other treatments, then you may want to consider trying it. Also, if your doctor has recommended that you use it to treat your disease, you should give it a try. You should discuss the options with your doctor. Of course, if your tremors have been caused by Parkinson’s, you should wait until you are finished with the medication.

The good news is that there are no serious side effects from the use of this plant extract. This is largely due to the low amount of chemical ingredients that are used in its production. Also, there are many companies manufacturing this supplement, which means that it is available in different forms. Whether it is an herbal supplement prescription, or homemade recipe, it is still best to consult your physician before using it.