Can Cancun Help Lupus?

Is it possible to have a beneficial effect on the brain cells of a person with Lupus, by taking CBD? Research into this question and more is being done every day. The answer is ‘yes’. The reasons why this is so is because CBD has already been shown to significantly reduce the symptoms associated with this type of autoimmune disease. The results of these studies were reported at the Annual Meeting on Biological Drugs in San Diego, California last year.

Can CBD help Lupus sufferers? Research into the beneficial properties of this drug is conclusive and it shows promise for those who are suffering from the disease. In particular, CBD seems to have anti-inflammatory properties, improving the quality of life of those who suffer from arthritis or Lupus. Patients also report feeling more energetic and less depressed. There are even reports from doctors that CBD has slowed the progression of the disease!

Our bodies are constantly exposed to toxins, including those which come from the environment. Many of these can be eliminated or weakened by our immune system but some are not removed easily. A malfunction in the regulation of chemical compounds such as Cytoaminidase (which helps to break down the neurotransmitter GABA), prevents the body from eliminating toxins effectively.

It is believed that when the brain cells are activated by the chemicals created in the body’s cells (such as when inflammation is high), the release of chemicals can reach up to 100 times its normal level. This can have damaging effects on the brain cells of people with Lupus, increasing the risk of their death. This is why it has become so important to try and keep inflammation in check in people diagnosed with Lupus. Using medicines that control inflammation may help to control the progression of this disease, even prolonging life.

Scientists and doctors believe that inhibiting the production of the cytokines can help to slow the development of Lupus in the body. Drugs like Remicade (Ricinon) and Remstar (Ricindone) can inhibit the cyclooxygenase (COX) enzymes. Taken in high doses, these drugs have been shown to significantly lower COX enzyme activity, reducing inflammation in the body and possibly helping to slow the progression of Lupus.

The second way that I believe Cancun help Lupus is by regulating the way that the body uses its immune system. Lupus often makes the body use its own immune defense system to fight off infections instead of using its own cells which are supposed to be healthier. Drugs like Remstar and other COX inhibitors can help to strengthen the body’s natural defenses. Remstar is one example of a COX inhibitor, which is taken in oral form. This drug is said to be able to reduce the blood count and increase the number of brain cells as well as the strength and number of the body’s own immune defense system.

In addition to fighting against infections and inflammation, Cancun can also help to improve brain function. The brains of patients with Lupus often show signs of damage, especially in cognitive abilities. Cancun doctors have reported that their treatment has helped to reduce the number of these damaged brain cells. The effect has been noted on patients suffering from Lupus, multiple sclerosis and stroke. It has also been shown to be beneficial in a number of Parkinson’s disease patients.

Of course, this all depends on the individual case that is being treated. Some studies show that Cancun can help Lupus often, while others may not have any significant results. The important thing to keep in mind when considering this approach is that no two patients are alike. All patients with Lupus need to be evaluated on their individual case, to find the remedy that will work best for them. It is possible that this new practice could prove to be quite beneficial in helping to improve the lives of Lupus patients around the world.